Singing is a truly unique, exciting, and rewarding form of self-expression. We look forward to seeing you develop your own vocal technique, musical interests, and self-awareness throughout the semester. This course has been designed to engage your personal interests and strengths, while providing a solid, foundational knowledge of singing technique. You will study anatomy and mechanics, music theory, and artistic interpretation all with the goal of making you a better, more insightful singer and artist.
Course Outline: 
Unit 1: How the Voice Works
Unit 2: Breath and Supported Singing
Unit 3: Singing Preparation- Stretches and Movement for Singers
Unit 4: Registers
Unit 5: Learning Your Music
Unit 6: Vowels
Unit 7: Phrasing and Style
Unit 8: Enunciation and Vibrato
Unit 9: Vocal Health and Good Habits
Unit 10: Music's Cultural and Personal Impact