This course is designed to further your understanding of vocal technique established in Basics I. This semester the focus will be personal interpretation, performance preparation, and skills necessary for collaborating with other musicians. This will build upon your experiences and insights with singing, using vocal technique, music theory, music history, and various methods to make you a stronger artist and performer. You will also investigate technology that has shaped how people sing today, and provide you with the knowledge and ability to use that technology to your advantage.
Voice Basics 1 (MUSIC 055)
Course Outline: 
Unit 1: Expanding Vocal Range
Unit 2: Ear Training
Unit 3: Song Interpretation
Unit 4: Meter, Feel, and Tempo
Unit 5: Scales, Key Centers, and Harmony
Unit 6: Resonance and Tonal Placement
Unit 7: Genres and Styles of Singing
Unit 8: Microphone Technique
Unit 9: Performance Etiquette and Audition Technique
Unit 10: Collaboration and Live Performance