Electricity and magnetism.
PHSCS 121 (Introduction to Newtonian Mechanics) or equivalent and MATH 113 (Calculus 2) or equivalent.
Course Outline: 
Unit 1: Stationary Point Charges and Their Forces
Unit 2: Moving Point Charges and Their Forces
Unit 3: Forces and Fields
Unit 4: Circuits and Resistance
Unit 5: Representing Fields Geometrically
Unit 6: Capacitors and Capacitance
Unit 7: Gauss's Laws
Unit 8: Ampere's Law
Unit 9: Dipoles and Magnets
Unit 10: Accelerating Point Charges and Their Fields
Unit 11: Faraday's Law of Induction
Unit 12: Inductors and AC Circuits
Unit 13: Applications of Time-varying Circuits