This course will help students become conversational in the most common topics—expressing opinions, going places, means of transportation, discussing sports, and describing location. In this course, students will be introduced to the dative case, which can be used to ask permission. Students will also begin using the instrumental case; this will enable them to talk about doing activities with others or going places with people. Other topics include telling time, using the word “whose,” and a review of the nominative, accusative, and genitive cases. There are also cultural highlights; as a result, students will learn more about Russia and the Russian people. This is the third course in a four-part Russian series (RUSS 041, RUSS 043, RUSS 051, and RUSS 053).
The course includes live speaking appointments and direct feedback from an instructor or TA. Note: a webcam, microphone, and speakers are necessary to conduct these appointments. This course does not allow assignment resubmissions or exam retakes.
First-Year Russian, Part 2 (RUSS 043) or equivalent.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Asking Permission, Naming Colors, and Expressing Opinions
Lesson 2: Going Places and Means of Transportation
Lesson 3: Using Numbers, Talking about the Past and Discussing Sports
Lesson 4: Talking about Time and Explaining with Whom or with What