This course is a literary study of basic values and examines the consequences of having or lacking courage, self-discipline, respect, honesty, work, trust, and compassion. This is the first course in a three-part Character Education: Exploring Values series (XPLR 041, XPLR 043, and XPLR 045); however, any of the courses may be taken independently of the others.
This course may be counted for credit in either language arts literature or electives, but not both.
Course Outline: 
1. Values: Training the Heart As Well As the Mind
2. Courage: Steel in the Backbone
3. Self-Discipline: The Struggle to Master Self
4. Respect: A Wise Way to Look at Things
5. Honesty: The Only Policy
6. Work: "By the Sweat of Thy Brow"
7. Trust: There Will Be a Future
8. Compassion: To Feel as Others Feel