This course is a literary study of additional basic values; it examines the consequences of having or lacking confidence, generosity, humility, obedience, determination, reliability, tolerance, forgiveness, and excellence. Lessons include instructor-graded portfolio activities, which should be submitted as a whole before requesting the final. This is the second course in a three-part Character Education: Exploring Values series (XPLR 041, XPLR 043, and XPLR 045); however, any of the courses may be taken independently of the others.
This course may be counted for credit in either language arts literature or electives, but not both.
Course Outline: 
1. Confidence: The "Can-Do" Attitude
2. Generosity: In Helping Others, We Help Ourselves
3. Humility: A Leveling Influence
4. Obedience: Appreciating The Boundaries
5. Determination: See It To The End
6. Reliability: We're All In It Together
7. Tolerance: Seeing Beyond The Cover
8. Forgiveness: A Pathway To Peace
9. Excellence: The Personal Journey