Petitions Process

Follow the instructions below to petition for an exception to a BYU Independent Study policy.*

  1. Fill out and sign the Petition Form.
  2. Submit all required information. If the petition is related to medical, clinical, or personal situations, supporting information from doctors, counselors, or other professionals should be submitted with the Petition Form.
  3. The written statement should explain the circumstances, the time frame in which they occurred, and how they prevented the student from complying with BYU Independent Study policies.
    • If the petition is for an extension of time, please include a specific plan for completion, including dates. Please be aware that additional time does not typically exceed 1–2 months from the current course expiration date.
    • All information about the circumstances and the reasons for the petition should be contained in the student’s written statement.
    • Handwritten statements should be written legibly and should be easy to understand. Students may attach typewritten statements to the Petition Form.
  4. Email the completed petition form to

How Decisions Are Made

All petitions are reviewed by the Petitions Committee within 10–14 business days after submission by the student. It is the mission of this committee to try to balance the needs of BYU Independent Study with the needs of the student. Students are notified of committee decisions in an email to the address provided by the student on the Petition Form. Students are accountable for complying with all policies contained on the BYU Independent Study website and within their course.

*Please note: A petition is not the same as a request for accommodations, which should be submitted via the Accessibility and Accommodations page.

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