How Exams Work


Most BYU Independent Study courses require you to take a proctored exam.  A proctor is someone who physically monitors you while you take your exam.  Exams must be taken at the proctor’s place of employment. We encourage you to speak with your proctor to set up exam dates and times before requesting your exam through your course.

Paper vs. Online Exams

Independent Study exams are typically available to be taken on paper or on a computer.  A few courses that require students to physically write are only available in a paper format.  Check your syllabus to see if your exams are only available on paper.  If they are, or if you just prefer paper exams, please plan and prepare for shipping times. 


Exams that do not have any instructor-graded sections are graded upon submission.  For paper exams, submission occurs on the day we receive the exam back in our office.  Receiving the grade on the day of submission is dependent on all proctor and exam policies and procedures being completed correctly.

Exams with instructor-graded sections are given to instructors on the day of submission.  From that date, instructors are given two weeks to grade your exam.


Most courses will allow you to retake an exam once for a $15 fee. Because not all courses offer an exam retake option, please refer to your course syllabus or course policies to make sure your course allows exam retakes.

Retakes, if available, must be requested within 30 days of the original exam grade posting, and taken and returned within 30 days of the retake exam request.

All assignments and coursework must be completed before you request your final exam.  Please plan on having your final taken by at least three weeks before any deadlines you may have to ensure your final exam is graded well before your deadline.

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