Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

We offer AP Biology, AP Psychology, and AP Calculus AB courses to students who would like Advanced Placement courses to earn credit for college.

AP Psychology, Part 1—AP PSY 059

AP Psychology, Part 2—AP PSY 060

AP Biology, Part 1—AP BIO 059

AP Biology, Part 2—AP BIO 060

AP Calculus AB, Part 1—AP CALC 061

AP Calculus AB, Part 2—AP CALC 063 

AP Testing Information

When you have completed the course and are ready to take the AP exam, you need to:

The number of college credits awarded for passing AP exams may vary, depending on the college you choose. For example, if you were to attend Brigham Young University, your AP course scores would count as follows:

AP Biology: If your exam score is 3, 4, or 5, you earn 6.0 college credits total (three credits that meet the BIO 100 university core requirements plus three elective credits).

AP Psychology: If your exam score is 3, you earn 3.0 General Psychology elective college credits. If your exam score is 4 or 5, you earn 3.0 college credits that meet the PSYCH 111 university core requirements.