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12 days of BYU Independent Study facts: Part 1

BYU Independent Study offers more than just courses; it provides accessible and flexible education. We welcome everyone, from high school students seeking opportunities to curious individuals interested in lifelong learning. We aim to create an environment that fosters opportunity, exploration, and growth. You'll be amazed by the discoveries you'll make with us. We'll explore 12 surprising aspects of BYU Independent Study that you may not have known about:


Scholarship Opportunities: You might be surprised that scholarships are available both for university and high school courses at BYU Independent Study. University students can self-nominate for these scholarships, while high school students need their counselors to submit their nominations. These scholarships provide everyone with the opportunity to achieve their educational goals

Global Presence: Global Presence: BYU Independent Study has a truly global presence, with students from every state in the United States and from over 105 countries around the world. It's an educational experience that spans the globe, and chances are it has been accessed from any location you can think of!  Independent Study has a truly.

Flexibility: One of the greatest advantages of BYU Independent Study is its flexibility. There's no need to worry whether you want to take things slow or speed up. You can set your own pace and can even request an extension if life becomes too hectic. Studying at your own pace can help relieve the stress of school and make learning more enjoyable. 

No Age Barrier: At BYU Independent Study, age is just a number! You may be surprised to learn that the youngest student who enrolled in one of our courses was only 11 years old, while the oldest was an incredible 80 years old. This demonstrates that learning has no age limit, and we are here to help you achieve your educational goals, regardless of your age.

Supportive Environment: BYU Independent Study offers a supportive environment to help you succeed. If you need assistance passing exams, you can take advantage of the free peer education and exam preparation sessions offered through the BYU Student Success Center. With this support, exam stress is no longer an issue. The BYU Student Success Center provides all the help and support you need to navigate your educational journey. With their help, it doesn't have to be difficult or stressful.

Always Accessible: BYU Independent Study is always accessible to you. With open enrollment, you can sign up anytime, from anywhere. This accessibility provides you with more learning opportunities, and you don't have to worry about admissions or missing deadlines. The doors of BYU Independent Study are always open!

Courses: Did you know BYU Independent Study now features over 40 courses? These courses focus on learning and developing a comprehensive skill set by incorporating Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes (KSA) components.

Courses for Athletes: High school athletes with busy schedules can take advantage of over 100 available NCAA-approved courses. This allows them to excel both in their games and their studies.

Accredited Excellence: BYU Independent Study operates under BYU Continuing Education and is accredited. It is recognized for its quality and commitment to educational standards, and as one of the largest nonprofit distance education providers in the nation, it has gained a reputation for excellence.

Insightful Blog: BYU Independent Study has its own blog that offers insights, updates, and perhaps a sneak peek into online education. If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, check out the blog at

Expansive Course Catalog: BYU Independent Study provides access to many educational opportunities, with over 440 online university and high school courses. With such a variety of options, the possibilities for learning are endless.

Award-Winning Education: The Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning (ADEIL) holds an annual competition that recognizes the development of outstanding distance and independent study courses at high school and collegiate levels. BYU Independent Study has been acknowledged and awarded multiple times since 1998, attesting to the quality of the program's courses.

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