High School Courses

Embark on a Musical Adventure

Greetings to all fellow seekers of rhythm, melody, and the enchanting world of music! Have you ever felt the irresistible pull of a captivating melody or found yourself lost in the magic of a song? Suppose you've ever wondered about the origins of these musical wonders and the mechanics behind them or even dreamt of creating your musical magic. In that case, you're about to embark on a journey that will resonate with your heart and soul.


Let's Begin with the Basics

Online Courses That Teach Skills for Both Inside and Outside the Classroom

BYU Independent Study now offers over 40 courses with Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes (KSA) components. The KSA additions to courses prove life-changing for many students because KSA builds character, inspires growth, and creates opportunities for future employment and education.

Sandy Powell, senior instructional designer for BYU Independent Study, explains what makes these courses unique: “The big difference is that we’re educating the whole student. We’re trying to help students gain more than just content knowledge; we’re helping them build their future.”

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