The Road to a Computer Science Career

The Road to a Computer Science Career

Are you interested in computer science but need help determining where to begin or whether it’s the right path for you? The good news is that you can take classes in high school that will help you make that decision.

BYU Independent Study offers an Exploring Computer Science course that serves as an introduction to the field and helps you gauge your interest in the subject! This course can be followed by additional Computer Science and Mathematics courses that will help you to continue moving forward in your decision.

As a recommended foundation for many computer science concepts, a math background will set you up for success in your field. Taking courses like calculus, algebra, and secondary math can turn your college experience in computer science from confusing to coherent. With a running total of 24 current mathematics courses, BYU Independent Study can provide the way for you to establish the framework you will need to move past the confusion.

You’ll need to master skills beyond programming to truly excel. Developing skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and analyzing information are key. Courses in computer science give you experience and build confidence in tackling complex problems. These abilities are valuable not only for college, but for any job or career that you choose.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT-related careers are expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Entry-level positions often offer salaries with an above average rate and with experience, your earning potential has a notable increase.

The average annual salary for computer science professionals in the United States is around $110,000, providing a strong incentive to pursue a career in this field. Enrolling in supportive online high school classes now can help you prepare for college and a future in computer science.

Taking computer science classes in high school can also boost your chances of getting into a good college or receiving scholarships. Admission and scholarship committees look for students who have taken challenging courses and showed genuine interest in technology. BYU Independent Study offers a variety of computer science classes that introduce students to the fundamentals of computer programming, such as design, code, and programs.

By taking advantage of the opportunities BYU Independent Study provides, you can gain valuable skills, explore different career paths, and get a head start on your college journey. Whether you want to work for a company or start a business, computer science offers unlimited possibilities for your future.

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