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How to Determine Your Goals and Priorities

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Even individuals who are content with their lives still need to set goals. We all like to discover new aspects about ourselves, but it can sometimes be difficult to see the path from who we are today to who we want to be tomorrow, next year, and even years down the road.  

The key is figuring out what is most important to you—your ultimate goals. Those goals will determine your priorities. 

How you spend your time should reflect what you value most. Ideally, what you do should move you closer to who you ultimately want to be. So what do you want? Who do you want to be? Take a few minutes to really think about where you want your life to be. 

1. Determine Your Ultimate Goals 

  • What kinds of relationships do you want to have? 

  • What role will education play in your life goals? 

  • What kind of career or job would you love, and why? 

  • How will your spiritual values reflect in your life choices? 

Take the time to write down or record your dreams and aspirations. Think about the social, educational, professional, and spiritual dimensions. Essentially, you should be describing your ideal future. Put in the effort to really reflect on the question, “What would I like my life to be like?”  

  • What social goals do you have? 

  • What educational goals are important to you? 

  • What professional goals do you aspire to? 

  • What spiritual goals feel right for you? 

2. Prioritize Your Goals 

Once you have your long-term goals figured out, it becomes easier to prioritize what you actually need to do in your daily life. 

Prioritizing simply means to determine the importance and order in which you do things. Remember, your actions should lead toward your goals and help you become what and who you want to be. When you set your priorities according to your goals, it’s easier to align your actions toward your goals.  

3. Start Achieving Your Goals Today 

Discovering your goals and prioritizing them can help you to manage your time, determine your daily goals, and reach your ultimate goals, leading to success and a lifetime of growth and learning. Start with the goal that takes top priority and move step-by-step toward a better you. It all starts today!


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