An Update to CELL 210

An Update to CELL 210

The Human Anatomy (CELL 210) course was recently revised and modernized. It's an open-enrollment introductory three-credit college-level course available to students from BYU Independent Study.

Human Anatomy & Physiology takes you on a captivating journey featuring

  • The Miracle of Life: Explore the body from microscopic cell to fully functional human. Gain a deep appreciation for life's intricacies.

  • Effort-based Learning: Your grade reflects your effort, not just time spent studying. We'll guide you to effective learning strategies.

  • Fully-transferable Credit: Transfers to other universities as well as Brigham Young University. BYU Independent Study university courses are fully accredited by NWCCU. Complete the course at your own flexible pace with 12-months to complete.

  • Resource-rich Teaching: Includes engaging video presentations, Terms to Know, and the Human Anatomy textbook, complemented by the online lab.

Hundreds of students take Human Anatomy from BYU Independent Study each year; it’s a student favorite. The course isn’t easy, because anatomy isn’t easy. However, Professor Michael Stark and especially the teaching assistants receive high marks on sites such as Rate My Professor.



View the full Human Anatomy CELL 210 course overview and syllabus.

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