The interaction of media, world religions, and beliefs. Approaches may include media coverage and portrayal of religion, religions' use of media, conflict between the two, and communicating across religious cultures.
Course Outline: 
1. Overview of Religion, Media and Culture
2. Myth and Symbols in Popular Culture
3. Religion and the Religious in Film and Television
4. Religious Beliefs and Rituals in Popular Culture
5. Research, Marketing, and Entertainment in Religion
6. Popular Music in Religion
7. How Celebrities Assume Religious Authority in a Remix Culture
8. Searching for Utopia and Escape in Popular Culture
9. When Aspects of Popular Culture Reflect Aspects of Religion
10. Moving Church Online
11. Zoroastrianism and the Media
12. Hinduism and the Media
13. Judaism and the Media
14. Taoism and the Media
15. Islam and the Media
16. Sikhism and the Media
17. Buddhism and the Media
18. Christianity and the Media