Cultural focus on historical geology for nonscience majors; fossils.
Partially satisfies the Brigham Young University core Physical Science requirement.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Pattern, Process, and Prediction: Keys to Deciphering Earth History
Lesson 2: Principles of Historical Geology: The Present is the Key to the Past
Lesson 3: Geologic Time: Concepts and Principles
Lesson 4: Rocks and Minerals: Building Blocks of the Rock Archive
Lesson 5: The Classification and Meaning of Sedimentary Rocks
Lesson 6: Stratigraphic Patterns and Unconformities
Lesson 7: Fossilization and Scientific Uses of Fossils
Lesson 8: The Fossil Record: The Species Concept and Organic Evolution
Lesson 9: Plate Tectonics: The Foundational Theory of Geology
Lesson 10: The Precambrian: The First Four Billion Years
Lesson 11: Paleozoic Patterns-Drifting Continents and Changing Sea Level
Lesson 12: Late Paleozoic Patterns and Events
Lesson 13: Life of the Paleozoic
Lesson 14: The Mesozoic Era
Lesson 15: The Mesozoic Biosphere
Lesson 16: The Cenozoic Era and Ice Ages