Discovery, colonization, American Revolution, establishment of the Constitution, foreign affairs, westward expansion, slavery, sectionalism, Civil War, and reconstruction.
This course plus POLI 110 (American Government and Politics) or ECON 110 (Economic Principles and Problems) satisfies the Brigham Young University core American Heritage elective. Internet access is required for this course.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Indians and Europeans
Lesson 2: European Expansion and Adaptation
Lesson 3: Clash of Cultures
Lesson 4: English Colonies and the Age of Empire
Lesson 5: Imperial Breakdown
Lesson 6: The War for Independence
Lesson 7: The First Republic
Lesson 8: A New Republic and the Rise of Parties
Lesson 9: Jeffersonian Republicanism
Lesson 10: The Jacksonian Era
Lesson 11: Slavery and the Old South
Lesson 12: The Market Revolution and Social Reform
Lesson 13: The Way West
Lesson 14: The Politics of Sectionalism
Lesson 15: The Civil War
Lesson 16: Reconstruction, Suffrage, and the West