Analyzing ethical dilemmas and understanding ethical theories as they apply to decision making in management.
This course does not fulfill the BYU Marriott School Management Core Requirement. You must take the on-campus course to fulfill this requirement. No retakes or resubmissions are allowed in this course.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Introduction to Business Ethics
Lesson 2: Why Be Ethical?
Lesson 3: Ethical Reasoning
Lesson 4: Ethical Judgment & Cognitive Bias
Lesson 5: Dilemma Day
Lesson 6: Movie & Discussion
Lesson 7: Ethical Issues in Organizations
Lesson 8: Even More Ethical Issues in Organizations
Lesson 9: Obedience & Dissent
Lesson 10: Organizational Dynamics: The Challenger & Pinto Cases
Lesson 11: Parable of the Sadhu
Lesson 12: Moral Courage
Lesson 13: Power & Politics
Lesson 14: Creating and Managing Ethical Culture
Lesson 15: Managing Ethical Infrastructure
Lesson 16: Corporate Social Responsibility