Designed to aid nonmusic majors in developing skills needed for listening to music creatively. Emphasis on masterworks of Western music from major style periods.
The BYU Store only sells the required text and audio CDs packaged together. Students may purchase them separately from another source. Satisfies Brigham Young University core Arts requirement.
Nonmusic major status.
Course Outline: 
1. The Fundamentals of Music
2. Music of the Middle Ages
3. The Renaissance: Sacred and Secular Music
4. The Early Baroque
5. Late Baroque Instrumental Music
6. Late Baroque Vocal Music
7. Music of the Classical Period (ca. 1750-1815)
8. Viennese Classical Style 2 (Concerto, Opera, & Beethoven)
9. The Romantic Era: Art, Song, Character Piece, and Symphonic Poem
10. Romantic Opera and Late Romantic Instrumental Music
11. Music of the Early Twentieth Century (1900-1945)
12. Essay Assignment