Structure and function of the human body. Virtual lab experience included.
This is a human anatomy course. As such, it covers all parts of the body, including those associated with reproduction.
Please be aware that all exams are proctored and taken online.
Note: There are a number of textbook options to choose from; just be sure that you purchase access to the textbook content and Connect/APR.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: A First Look at Anatomy
Lesson 2: Embryology
Lesson 3: Histology and Integumentary Systems
Lesson 4: Cartilage and Bone Tissue, and Introduction to Joints
Lesson 5: Axial Skeleton
Lesson 6: Appendicular Skeleton
Lesson 7: Muscle Tissue
Lesson 8: Muscles of the Lower Body
Lesson 9: Muscles of the Upper Body
Lesson 10: Nervous System 1: Nervous Tissue
Lesson 11: Nervous System 2: Central Nervous System
Lesson 12: Nervous System 3: Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous Systems
Lesson 13: Senses: General and Specific
Lesson 14: Endocrine System
Lesson 15: Heart and Vessels
Lesson 16: Lymphatic and Immune Systems
Lesson 17: Respiratory System
Lesson 18: Digestive System
Lesson 19: Urinary System
Lesson 20: Male and Female Reproductive Systems, Pregnancy, and Childbirth