History and use of syllogistic and propositional logic; evaluating arguments with Venn diagrams, truth tables, and Copi-style proofs and proof strategies; informal reasoning and fallacies.
Satisfies Brigham Young University core Quantitative Reasoning requirement.
Course Outline: 
  1. Arguments
  2. Truth, Validity, and Soundness
  3. Refutations and Proofs
  4. Categorical Statements
  5. Syllogisms
  6. Categorical Equivalences and Syllogistic Proofs
  7. Truth-Functional Symbolism
  8. Truth-Tables
  9. Validity of Truth-Functional Arguments
  10. Implication and Equivalence
  11. Truth-Functional Proofs
  12. Truth-Functional Proofs Continued
  13. Quantification Symbolism
  14. Relations
  15. Quantification Proofs
  16. Inductive Arguments
  17. Fallacies