Origin and development of federal Constitution; national, state, and local governments and politics.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Constitutional Democracy
Lesson 2: Constitutional Foundations
Lesson 3: The Politics of Federalism
Lesson 4: The American Political Landscape
Lesson 5: Interest Groups: The Politics of Influence
Lesson 6: Political Parties
Lesson 7: Public Opinion, Ideology, Participation, and Voting
Lesson 8: Campaigns and Elections: Democracy in Action
Lesson 9: Media and U.S. Politics
Lesson 10: Congress
Lesson 11: The Presidency
Lesson 12: The Federal Bureaucracy and the Public Policy Process
Lesson 13: The Judiciary: The Balancing Branch
Lesson 14: Civil Liberties: Protections Under the Bill of Rights
Lesson 15: Civil Rights: Equal Rights Under the Law
Lesson 16: Making Economic Policy
Lesson 17: Making Social Policy
Lesson 18: Making Foreign and Defense Policy