Basic physiological, anatomical, and chemical foundations of psychology.
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Contains content featured in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
PSYCH 307 (Writing within Psychology) & PSYCH 309 (Psychological Testing) & PSYCH 310 (Psychological Research Design and Analysis); or NEURO 205 (Neurobiology); or instructor's consent. (NEURO 205 will substitute for PSYCH 310).
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Neuroanatomy
Lesson 3: Neurons, Synapses and Neurotransmitters
Lesson 4: Methods in Biopsychological Research
Lesson 5: Sensation and Perception
Lesson 6: Somatosensation and Motor Control
Lesson 7: Development and Plasticity
Lesson 8: Brain Damage and Recovery
Lesson 9: Learning and Memory
Lesson 10: Eating
Lesson 11: Sleep
Lesson 12: Drugs and Addiction
Lesson 13: Language and Lateralization
Lesson 14: Emotion
Lesson 15: Psychiatric Disorders