This course is centered on the doctrine of the family and the central role families play in Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation. Course content is based on The Family: A Proclamation to the World, other teachings of latter-day prophets, the scriptures, and other inspired writings.
This 3-credit hour class covers all of the same material as the REL-C 200 course (2-credit hour); with the additional credit hour being used to give students a 'marriage prep' experience that will increase their awareness of the factors that relationship science has shown to contribute to the formation of healthy marriages and families; as well as to helping students develop the skills needed to be personally prepared for dating, marriage, and parenting relationships.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: The Eternal Family and the Nature of God
Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation and the Eternal Family
Lesson 3: Jesus Christ: The Sure Foundation of Eternal Family
Lesson 4: The Role of Prophets in Teaching the Eternal Family
Lesson 5: Charity (Love): The True Nature of Love
Lesson 6: Cleaving (Commitment): Eternal Covenants and Ordinances
Lesson 7: Equal Partnership (Equality): The Divine Pattern of Decision Making as Spouses and Parents
Lesson 8: Spousal Stewardships (Unity): Divine Gender and Meeting the Needs of Children
Lesson 9: Chastity (Intimacy): Becoming One in Marriage
Lesson 10: Becoming: Personal Growth and Readiness for Marriage, Part I
Lesson 11: Becoming: Personal Growth and Readiness for Marriage, Part II
Lesson 12: Finding: The Timing and Priority of Marriage
Lesson 13: Finding: Eternal Companions vs. Soulmates
Lesson 14: Finding: Prophetic Stages of Dating: Teens, Tweens, and Twentysomethings
Lesson 15: Creating: Chastity in Dating and Courtship
Lesson 16: Creating: Pornography and Sexual Media
Lesson 17: Creating: Couple Communication: Managing Differences and Conflict
Lesson 18: Creating: Intimacy in Marriage: Creating Sexual Wholeness
Lesson 19: Creating: Intimacy in Marriage: Managing Spousal Differences and Selfless Intimacy
Lesson 20: The Stewardship of Procreation and the Transition to Parenthood
Lesson 21: Parenting Principles and Creating a Gospel-Centered Home
Lesson 22: Family: It’s About Time—and Money!
Lesson 23: The Fragmentation of Marriage: Marital Distress, Divorce, and Marriage Turnarounds
Lesson 24: The Fragmentation of Marriage: Same-Sex Marriage, Sexual Identity, and Sexual Agency
Lesson 25: Sanctity of Life and the Loss of Child Centeredness
Lesson 26: Women and the Priesthood