Enhancing marital communication skills, conflict resolution styles, intimacy, stress management, and developing a shared relationship vision using social science theories and research findings.
Married, engaged, and couples seriously dating are encouraged to enroll together. Please be aware that this course contains some explicit content; this course is for mature audiences.
Course Outline: 
  1. The Importance of Marriage Education and Assessing Your Relationship
  2. Myths and Realities about Marriage and Emotional Health
  3. Critical First Year of Marriage and Stages of Love
  4. The Collaborative Marriage and Four Styles of Communication
  5. Using Your Awareness Wheel
  6. The Listening Cycle
  7. Resolving Conflict using the Mapping An Issue Model
  8. The Science of Changing Self and Partner
  9. Conflict Resolution Styles and Taking Back Your Marriage
  10. Avoiding the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Other Behaviors that Damage Marriage
  11. Understanding Gender Differences in Marriage
  12. The Importance of Sex in Marriage: What Do You Know About Sex?
  13. Developing Sexual Compatibility and Communication
  14. Family Planning and Enriching Your Sex Life
  15. The Spiritual Dimension of Marriage