Social welfare as a social institution; social work as a profession.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Social Work: A Helping Profession
Lesson 2: An Evolving Profession
Lesson 3: Social Work and Social Systems
Lesson 4: The Social Service Delivery System
Lesson 5: Values and Ethics in Social Work
Lesson 6: Social Work and Social Justice
Lesson 7: Diversity and Social Work
Lesson 8: Empowerment Social Work Practice
Lesson 9: Social Work Functions and Roles
Lesson 10: Social Work and Social Policy
Lesson 11: Social Work and Scarce Resources
Lesson 12: Social Work in Criminal Justice
Lesson 13: Social Work in Health and Rehabilitation Services
Lesson 14: Social Work in Mental Health
Lesson 15: Social Work with Families
Lesson 16: Social Work in Child Welfare Services
Lesson 17: Social Work in the Schools
Lesson 18: Adult and Aging Services