Basic playwriting principles through reading, completing writing assignments, testing, and writing the first draft of a one-act play.
In this course, students will not only learn about how to write a ten-minute play, but they will get the opportunity to develop ideas, write them, edit others work, and rework what they create, with the end goal being that they will have a work ready for submission to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. This course uses the BYU edition of Perfect 10: Writing and Producing the 10-Minute Play which can only be purchased through BYU Bookstore. You are allowed to submit only one lesson at a time. The course is designed to allow you to receive the feedback you need before you proceed to the next lesson. A Webcam is required for the instructor meeting in lesson 14.
TMA 115 (From Theatre to Performance Studies: An Introduction) is recommended.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Thinking Theatrically
Lesson 2: The Writer's Journal
Lesson 3: Action-Wordless Scene
Lesson 4: Play Formatting
Lesson 5: Characters in Conflict
Lesson 6: Dialogue
Lesson 7: Play Ideas
Lesson 8: The Hook and Structure
Lesson 9: Ten-Minute Play Preparation
Lesson 10: Reading Ten-Minute Plays
Lesson 11: Writing the Ten-Minute Play
Lesson 12: Setting Up Your Second Play
Lesson 13: Revising Your Ten-Minute Play
Lesson 14: Writing Your Second Ten-Minute Play
Lesson 15: An Informal Reading
Lesson 16: Revising Your Plays